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Our Quality

Our Wood

Redwood is a disease resistant wood exhibiting excellent grain detail and is highly workable, facilitating good cutting and nailing without splitting. All BridgeMaster products are manufactured from redwood stocks we hand select.

Our Nails

Redwood is an expansive wood in a wet environment, resulting in it being a poor candidate to be joined with glue. Therefore, all BridgeMaster products are assembled using painted head Pin nails. What’s a pin nail? A pin nail is a rectangular shaped nail shot from an air driven nailer. The tip is chisel shaped rather than pointed like a nail. As the wood expands and contracts it puts forces on the point of a nail like squeezing a pumpkinseed between your fingers, forcing it back out of the wood. The chisel tipped pin nails resist this action since they are squared off. The dark painted heads accept the stain finish and do not shine like a regular nail. The pin nails are not plated, and will rust in time adding to the natural weathered look.

Our Finish

All our products come pre-finished. All bridges, trestles and track side structures are finished in Olympic brand semi-transparent premium acrylic latex stain. This stain (used for exterior residential wood) is Ultra-violet stabilized, and is as durable as stains come. The semi-transparent feature allows the natural grains of the wood to be revealed, and gives a natural weathered look, while closely resembling the dark creosote look of real trestles.

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